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It seems these types of apps fall into three categories: apps for encouraging sex (which we did not include in our review), apps for productivity (like syncing calendars and making "honey-do" lists), and apps to encourage communication (questions, games, etc.).

tl;dr: Not one app completely delivered our wish list.

), others are more open and susceptible to cyber risks.

Since many popular social networks are ground zero for stalking, sexting and bullying, its no wonder that 59% of teens recently surveyed said they found social networks unsafe.

But some of the messages are troubling: "Tell Jackson I'm DFW".

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With u Know Kids, you can see what images your child is taking and sharing with their mobile phone via text message or i Message as well as those photos they are posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Each offered a variation of messaging platforms, photo sharing or video calls.None of the calendars were helpful, and none encouraged intimacy or activities for couples.Through the "Keepsake" section, users can keep all their photos, videos and even daily agenda in one place.Sweet idea, but not most couples need or have the time to document absolutely everything. As someone who needs their phone on ring most of the time, this was a shrill-beeping-noise-buzzkill.