Intimidating nicknames for boys

" A civilian council member stopped himself from calling the boy a demon when he was glared at by Hiruzen and the two ANBU behind him."He was been found and brought back to the village." The Sandaime tried to avoid the upcoming fight."Why did you save the demon? It was no secret that he hated the boy and openly encouraged the members of his clan to hurt the boy as much as possible."We saved no demon.

We saved a boy you pompous ass." Someone said but they threw their voice so no one could tell who it was.

The only difference in his uniform was the black gloves that had metal plates for extra protection. Hiruzen knew that he has a mask style forehead protector that frames his face, similar to that of Tobirama Senju, thinking about it he was the only Konoha-nin that wore that style of forehead protector."I didn't tell her anything Hokage-sama." Yamato answered."Why?

His name was Hatake Kakashi or better known as the Copy nin."It's been a little over six years and I asked him to come back to become a ninja with the rest of his generation.""Wait do you mean that we are going to have to train some little brat? She did not want to train some green eared spoiled brat for the next year just because he had a hard life."Hehehe. Hell he will most likely be the one teaching you a few things." Jiraiya smiled at the now pissed off women. " He asked the final man, who still hasn't taken his cat mask off. " Hiruzen couldn't think of any reason for Yamato to not tell Anko about Naruto."You made the information an S-class secret so I was forbid to tell her." Yamato was beginning to get confused. He really didn't want to tell this story again but it seemed like he didn't have any other option.

"I see that most of you have chosen to hate the boy for things out of his control just like the Kyubi so now I'm going to have to stop this just like I did with the Kyubi." "From now on Naruto's unique ability to control water will be an S-class secret until the time he comes back from his long term training trip with my student Jiraiya. Number one was that Orochimaru had captured/experimented on someone and when there was a rescue she wasn't told about it.

The Sandaime looked at the three Shinobi that stood at attention in front of him.She wears a dark orange skirt, as well as a Forehead Protector, a small pendant, and shin guards.The pendant is on a thick cord rather than a chain to prevent it from being easily torn off in combat.Orochimaru captures Naruto when he is six and gives him the ability to control water. Rated M for language and chance of extreme violence. I'm also thinking about starting a new story but I'm not sure if I will. He called each of them here so they could hear what Naruto has become over the past six years of his life. Her violet hair was done up in a short, somewhat spiky ponytail.Now with his new power he will change the world and become The God of Water. I hate the last week of school before Christmas break it is always so…troublesome. Oh and have you guys heard about the new Avatar cartoon series that should start next year. Jiraiya who stood next to him and trained the boy for five years before Naruto went off by himself to train and travel the world for awhile had asked for them to be here so they didn't make any...deadly mistakes."What have you called us here for old man? She wore a tan overcoat, complete with a fitted mesh body suit that stretches from her neck down to her thighs.