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Co-written with Julia Jones during the late 1990s, its a rap musical adaptation of Shakespeares set in South Central Los Angeles during the 1992 riots after the LAPD beating of Rodney King. And, as the website Refinery29 warns, its full of cussing, the n-word, and mentions of crotch grabs.commented Roger Magnusson, a professor of health law and governance at Sydney Law School in Australia.Experts say that the rising obesity rates in the Pacific Islands are primarily due to a shift away from the cultures typical diet of root crops, toward sugary high-calorie foods instead.Put together by an organization called Now This, the read features Rob Corddry, Lucas Neff, Parvesh Cheena, Daniele Gaither, Gary Anthony Williams, Charlie Carver, Cedric Yarborough, and hip hop artist A. Related Content: It Cant Happen Here: A Read-Through by the Berkeley Repertory Theatre" On this episode of the Mongabay Newscast, we speak with Leah Barclay, a sound artist, acoustic ecologist, and researcher with Griffith University in South East Queensland, Australia, for our latest Field Notes segment.Here at the Mongabay Newscast, were very interested in acoustic ecology, perhaps for obvious reasons: Acoustic ecology, sometimes known as ecoacoustics or soundscape studies, is the study of the relationship between human beings and the natural environment as mediated through bioacoustics, or the sounds that are produced by living organisms.