Godaddy email forwarding validating mx record

Although Margie expects to move the other three employees to Office 365 at some point, she wants to begin using and testing it with her husband before they move everyone to the cloud.Further, she doesn’t want her customers impacted, so she wants to keep her existing email addresses.There are a variety of factors that can affect whether or not you can send and receive email. You need to have the correct MX records to get your email.

And read through the limitations of this approach: It's easiest to illustrate how to set up a pilot with Office 365 by using an example.There are a few limitations to be aware of, however, that are described below.Note: Setting up Office 365 to pilot using email with the service requires familiarity with setting up DNS records and working with features such as Exchange Online Protection.For more information on how to add or edit your MX Records, see Administrar DNS .If you're using the Workspace Control Center, see Checking MX Records in the Workspace Control Center.