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In another wheeze he found people with funny names, such as Mrs Djerkoff and Mr Bollacks, and phoned them up.When Sir Elton John appeared on the show he found himself playing with a vibrator attached to a football and talking on a cuddly-dog telephone to a deranged fetishist in a silver lamé astronaut suit, who reached sexual climax mid-conversation.How did he not give in to depression during the wilderness years that followed university?'I did become a little bitter when I was working as a barman. I always remember when I moved to London and I proudly showed my parents my favourite shirt shop, which I thought was so cool.

'Usually, if the papers described the awful things we've done, I always think, "That sounds great. 'Where does he personally draw the line on, say, pornography? The internet has opened up a strange and interesting world, and I think we are reflecting this rather than introducing viewers to it.Even his boyishly round face - squashy nose, beady brown eyes, pouty lips - seems harder and less animated than it appears on the television.The only Graham Norton thing about this Graham Norton is his clothes: he is wearing a schoolboy's uniform, because The Sunday Telegraph Magazine has asked him to wear one for the Christmas cover.His viewing figures are high, he has won two Baftas and an Emmy, and he never passes up an opportunity to plumb new depths of bad taste.To see in the new millennium, for instance, he asked a female guest on his show to fire 12 ping-pong balls from between her legs on the stroke of midnight.