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Everyone I know still thinks this was a UFO event even though I’ve presented the evidence otherwise.I’ll leave a 1% chance of it being ET oriented just in case. Here’s the webpage where I finally solved all the anomalies More Evidnece – Getting to the Truth, Tucson UFO Video July 4, 15Hope all is well. The UFO had to have been at least 30 miles away to be in that good of a focus since airplanes 8 to 10 away require me to adjust my focus.The radio tower light can only be seen in the first couple seconds of the video to the far right edge of the frame.Regarding our infamous July 4th video of 2015, we went to Sabino Canyon on July 4th 2016 and saw pretty much the same light configurations on Mt.Bigelow and they were all terrestrial thus we can put to rest 100% our videos from 7/4/15 as being headlights and flashlights…It sure made for a beautiful UFO video too good to be true it seems.MUFON only did a partial investigation and then only assumed it was vehicle lights but never pegged exactly where they were so I was not pleased with them calling it “case closed”.

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The radio tower lights are way out of focus and yet the UFO is in focus since I leave my lens at a setting that on this particular camera has stars, satellites and far off planes in focus without me having to change the focal setting.Flandrau Planetarium on the UA campus will be playing special planetarium shows Sunday from 1 p.m. During this time only, admission to the planetarium will be free. Here is the Citizen CATE website — — where a fleet of telescopes will be used to observe the total solar eclipse.Please note, Monday is the first day of UA classes and traffic will be heavy and parking will be limited. Many public libraries are also having viewing events. The site will live stream the eclipse courtesy of a string of citizen astronomers. Never look at the sun through telescope, binocular or camera lenses without the proper filters.Matt Penn, left, astronomer with the National Solar Observatory, directs Cienega High School Astronomy Club students Bentley Bee, right, and Daniel Stelly, both 16, in setting up their solar telescope and camera for viewing at the school, 12775 E.Mary Ann Cleveland Way, on May 6, 2017, in Vail, Ariz. Tucson time and slide in front until the peak coverage at a.m.