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Remember: With fresh grocery items, you have to use them, freeze them or risk losing them to spoilage.

Fancy Feasting One couple I interviewed insisted the meat was better at Costco.

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21, although the exact day could change, the company said Tuesday. Well, before I declare my love of free samples, I tell them about the SAVINGS. Buying large packs of toilet paper and paper towels? And don’t even get me started on the travel savings. But now that I only live with my fiancé, people are always asking me why I have a Costco membership for only two people. Necessary – and much cheaper than buying individual packs at the grocery store.The 148,000-square-foot warehouse store, under construction on South Carrollton Avenue, is nearing completion.The million, membership-only store has been welcomed by city officials as a way to eliminate an area of blight along an otherwise thriving commercial strip and generate millions of new sales tax dollars.