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Giphy’s already integrated into i Message with its own keyboard app, and partnerships with Facebook and Twitter have helped spread its database of GIFs all over the internet.

The Giphy World app takes that one step further to bring GIFs into your surroundings and letting you record video.

It only makes sense that the snarky AI weatherbot would make the leap to AR, where its personality can really shine.

Just don’t poke its ocular sensor, or it’ll snap at you.

The latest update of the game includes exclusive new levels that are reimagined in an “IRL” box.

With this new, intelligent camera app, you can enjoy life's moments instead of struggling to capture them. Try our exclusive Fantastic Beasts frames to feel like a part of the wizarding world.

Pix selected a frame where the child's eyes are more open, and auto-adjusted exposure to capture detail in people's faces, hair and clothing, without losing color accuracy and background detail.

This adorable puzzle platformer lets you tear up an alien world with a swipe of your finger to lead Fez-like characters back home.

Rather than capturing a video of the moment surrounding the shutter tap, Microsoft Pix produces a smooth, stable video with even exposure called a Live Image.

They're created by auto-enhancing each burst frame, stitching them together, and looping the action.

More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in the app, so you can let your inner Property Brother thrive and play interior decorator. Instead of limiting objects to just Ikea furniture, there’s a catalog of items that can be resized to fit the dimensions of your room, so it’s more of a planning app.

There’s also a “Disaster” feature, as any good app should have, in case you feel like destroying a room.