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This is not a bad idea at all, but there has to be a better way to group these pictures/ads without having 60 different categories.Especially in the "High Res" section, for instance, where instead of thumbnails you get a graphic link to each seperate image that just just "High Res Image" and you get to guess what one you might want to look at.Besides that, there are some more specific listings as well- Cuckolding and humiliation seem to be big hits among this crowd.There's also a forum and a movie reviews page for some reason.

I'll go through them one by one because that's the only way I can fathom not missing something.I'm not saying there's not a lot of remarkably on-topic content to sift through's just that sifting through it is quite a chore.Or the "Ass Play" section which has 4 whole pictures in it.The layout of each of these pages is different, but there's a lot of sense in having a standard format here, which is an indication of the major problem with the galleries: there are no standards!