Foxconn updating escd

: Show Help Messages py: Program Flash Memory pn: No Flash Programming sy: Backup Original BIOS To Disk File sn: No Original BIOS Backup Sb: Skip Boot Block programming Wb: Always Programming Boot Block cd: Clear DMI Data After Programming cc: Clear CMOS Data After Programming cp: Clear Pn P(ESCD) Data After Programming LD: Destroy CMOS Checksum And No System Halt For First Reboot After Programming QI: Qualify flash part number with source file E: Return to DOS After Programming R: RESET System After Programming cks: Show update Binfile checksum cks XXXX: Compare Binfile Check Sum with XXXX vga XX: Change to VGA mode XX(Hex value). Example: AWDFLASH 6A69R000/py/sn/nvmac:xxxxxxxxxxxx/wb Hmm I got this eror I forgot to mention when I tried the Bios update from Acer Before. Unfortunately 1234s282's bios mod link doesn't work anymore.(on board bios not award BIOS) Will this have any affect updating with above mentioned BIOS? and also at this point I don't want to risk anything and just use the 5800 do I need to update the BIOS I currently have the R01-B3 ... 1234s282 or anyone else have a link to the flash for the MCP61SM-AM that will support the 7850 black edition?Have been trying to see if I can get my MB will work with a HIS Raden HD 4670 can and since I ran into a "updating escd" problem I put the original AIW Card back in and I noticed that the fan on the card does not spin, it is stiff to turn by hand also.

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After pressing, you can select the HDD using the / or Up/Downarrow keys, and change the HDD priority using . CDROM Boot Priority This option is used to select the priority for CDROM start-up.Halt On This category determines whether or not the computer will stop if an error isdetected during powering up.All Errors Whenever the BIOS detects a nonfatal error, thesystem will stop and you will be prompted.P/N: 91-181-CK8-A5-0EMore information: If you want more information about our products, please visit the followingwebsite: Trademark:2005-4-20, 1Motherboard NF4K8AC/NF4UK8ACis in conformity with(reference to the specification under which conformity is declared inaccordance with 89/336 EEC-EMC Directive)EN 55022: 1998/A2: 2003 Limits and methods of measurements of radio disturbancecharacteristics of information technology equipment EN 61000-3-2: 2000 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)Part 3: Limits Section 2: Limits for harmonic current emissions(equipment input current : Standard CMOS Features Menu Cylinder number of cylinders Head number of heads Precomp write pre-compensation Landing Zone Landing Zone Sector number of sectors2005-4-18, 2728Chapter 3 BIOS Description Award (Phoenix) BIOS can support 4 HDD modes: CHS, LBA and Large or Auto mode.CHS For HDD528MB but not supporting LBAAuto Recommended mode Drive A/BThis option allows you to select the kind of FDD to be installed, including[None], [360K, 5.25in], [1.2M, 5.25in], [720K, 3.5in], [1.44M, 3.5in] and [2.88M, 3.5in].