Filemaker server guide to updating plugins

Even if you weren't in crisis mode, many databases are simply too big to go through the process of taking everything down and exporting and importing data.Most of the advice given here requires you to do development on a live server.In this article, we're going to discuss this latter, more insidious, problem. Business is being put on hold, perhaps disastrously. Wouldn't it be nice if we lived in Fantasyland and that was always practical?

Here is a practical field guide to these numbers (get explanations of what each one is in your "File Maker Server Help" PDF): Less than 100 is really good, less than 1000 means you probably don't have a problem.If it's the hourglass (Windows) or butterfly (Mac), then File Maker Server is probably OK, and the slow event is on your local File Maker Pro client.If one user is being hung up by File Maker Server, then probably all are. Some users may be accessing a different file or a different table than the one causing the problem. File Maker Server 11 gives you the ability to analyze statistics on a per-client basis, and this really helps a lot when you're trying to figure out if one particular client is doing something that slows everyone down. This is probably not the problem, but it can have an effect on overall system performance.Don't let a computer with less than 2GB RAM near your File Maker network.You probably already have your eye on the Statistics screen in Server Admin.