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Fatima, who has two books to her credit, is now working on a book on the Bhutto clan.She also writes occasional columns criticising the functioning of the government.While she has resisted the pressure so far – saying that she doesn’t believe in “birthright politics” – nobody pretends that any Bhutto of sufficient brains and class can stay out for ever, and it is widely expected that she will contest Benazir’s old seat, in the family fiefdom of Larkana, north of Karachi, in the next general election.While such a move is guaranteed to unleash the colourful and uproarious celebrations that traditionally accompany the entry of a new family member into the fray, it will do little to answer the questions of what actually Fatima stands for, and whether, given Pakistan’s fabulous record of failure, it will make any difference.Thus she grew up, effectively stateless, always on the move, and constantly menaced by the pursuing agents of Pakistan’s security forces.In Syria, Murtaza fell in love with Ghinwa Itoui, a Lebanese ballet teacher, whom Fatima considers to be her real mother and political mentor.

In 1993, with Zia gone, and Benazir newly-elected as prime minister, Murtaza returned home to wild celebrations.Across the sub-continent the excitement spread like Valentine’s Weekend wildfire. Nowhere could they be stickier than in Pakistan, where Fatima, niece of the assassinated former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, enjoys a reputation as the smartest and most glamorous of her extended, perma-feuding clan. For while George has been the subject of more Random Couple Alerts than almost anyone else in showbusiness, the signs are unmistakable that, at 47, greying, childless and possibly losing his vogue, he is ready to settle down.The pair are said to have met last year at a conference (George goes to them in his capacity as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, Fatima as a journalist) and agreed to keep in touch.When he broke up with shapely waitress Sarah Larson, 30, late last summer, his interest in Fatima apparently began to grow.