Error validating windows xp pro

Windows Genuine Advantage is Microsoft's not so subtle crackdown on illegal piracy of Windows XP and Microsoft Office products.Microsoft started with an Active X component to force owners of Windows XP to validate their version before downloading security updates.The other option is of course to buy a legal version of Windows XP off the Internet or in a retail store.Generally the prices for these versions will be more than the price Microsoft is offering for their Windows Genuine Advantage Kit.If you are receiving the following information when running the WGA diagnostic tool, the problem is generally with corruption in the digital signatures of some files and they will have to be reregistered.

Microsoft may offer a utility to help repair any corrupted license files it finds, but in most cases, you will need to purchase a Windows license key in order to make your copy genuine. in English and journalism from Roger Williams University.

You can however purchase an Upgrade edition and change a pirated version to a fully licensed version.

Just be sure you have a previous version of Windows (95,98, ME) in case you need to completely reinstall Windows XP someday.

It is obvious that the Redmond giant does not accept anymore its products to be counterfeited and used with the same features as the original copies.

Therefore they found a middle way to stop and prevent illegal use of Microsoft products.