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Horror-movie-maker/"Bear Jew" Eli Roth is in preproduction on the cannibalism movie The Green Inferno; however, not surprisingly, that means something very different than it usually does.Roth will be shooting in an isolated village along the Amazon.But he made a quick recovery and started the second game of the 2010 season.

He's one of the few Jewish players in the NFL and, even though he says he's not a strict follower of the Torah, he takes pride in his ethnicity.Of his mom, Antonio stated, "My mom is very proud, knows where she came from, and respects everything about her religion.Every holiday we celebrated, she explained the importance [of them] to us."It's who I am, it's my culture, my roots," said Olshansky, who sports a Star of David tattoo on each side of his neck. You see lot of doctors and lawyers who are Jewish but not as many professional athletes.So I think it's good for the young, Jewish kids to have a couple of pro athletes out there." Cowboys offensive lineman Kyle Kosier also is Jewish, something the two only discovered this past week during training camp.