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Let’s look at some international polls on males from Holland, compared to their foreign counterparts.Discovery channel found out Dutch men really enjoy shopping for groceries.To me they come across very uncouth, unrefined and unfeminine. Guess what, you are probably not that dream guy they are looking for (as are 90% of all other men).

When it does, you can be at risk of falling off your bike or cycling into a tram.I am not really sure if this topic is about woman from Amsterdam or dutch women in general? But they are great in bed, love to try anything, especially if risky.Because these are two completely different subjects!! Anyway Amsterdam is great, but I am not a big fan of the people living there. Screaming orgasms as long as the windows open for the neighbors to hear. They were either sincere, kind and turned out to be great long-term loyal friends.Always sporting dressed in orange though…representing…in their own land.The same contrived nonchalance as most of the men, wanting to be “seen” doing things and making something out of nothing, like being oh so cool whilst sitting in lame bars facing tram stops.