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She cut back her appearances and focused on raising Suri.Now if she pops up in the tabloids it's because she was snapped by paparazzi on school runs or taking the aforementioned subway ride.

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The city's residents are busy with their routines; they're waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts, they're dropping their laundry off at the dry cleaners, they're pushing someone out of the way because they're seven minutes late to work and years of living at elbow's length of eight million other people has made them completely forget their manners.

A few hundred of those inhabitants are on the subway on their way to the office or their children's school or their hot yoga class, but it slowly becomes clear that one of those riders is not like the others.

One of those riders is carrying a very expensive purse.

She lived largely out of the spotlight, gaining notoriety for her roles on .

But once she coupled up with Cruise she was thrust into a circle of fame and wealth and nonstop attention.