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It may work so hard that it temporarily loses its natural rhythm.

This is called fibrillation, and it can be very dangerous because it stops the flow of blood through the body.

Schedule I drugs are available for research only and have no approved medical use; Schedule II drugs are available only by prescription (unrefillable) and require a form for ordering.

Schedule III and IV drugs are available by prescription, may have five refills in 6 months, and may be ordered orally.

While I couldn't do my husband's job, he couldn't do mine, either.

Neurotransmitters are able to work by attaching to key sites on neurons called receptors.

Normally, once dopamine has attached to a nerve cell's receptor and caused a change in the cell, it's pumped back to the neuron that released it.

But cocaine blocks the pump, called the dopamine transporter.

Dopamine then builds up in the gap synapse between neurons.

The result: dopamine keeps affecting a nerve cell after it should have stopped.