Did serena williams dating brett ratner

She’s freshly divorced, with a new album out, but was most excited about her upcoming film (out late this fall) from director Dee Rees. We had to wear rain boots because the mud was past our ankles.” Every night she’d go home and take a shower — then take another one in the morning, just to be sure. No word when she called it a night, but we can safely assume she was thrilled to only have to take one shower when she got home.

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Blige, who’d come with her older sister La Tonya, and who could be seen hugging Naomi Campbell one moment and getting down to David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” the next. ” Blige was still there, dancing a few rooms away from Al Gore, as we left.director Brett Ratner, who was almost 12 years her senior.The relationship lasted for two years, ending abruptly with Serena claiming Brett almost never had her time and was barely around throughout the 2-year period.Hopefully Serena’s relationship has finally landed in a safe harbour with Alexis.’s annual Cannes soiree at the Hotel du Cap-Eden Rock, spinning his girlfriend of over five years, California doctor and environmental activist Liz Keadle, around on the dance floor.