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As of 2013, he has reached 14 times in receiving the "Outstanding Pop Singer Award" at RTHK's "Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards" and has established an irreplaceable status in the music industry of Hong Kong and Asia.While Lee was still studying at Hong Kong Wah Yan College, he entered the TVB new talent show along with Alex To, William So, Vivian Chow and Grasshopper, though he was unable to make it into the top 15 finalists.

In 1995, after the unprecedented success of his first solo concert, Hacken was full of confidence to hold his second concert again at Hong Kong Coliseum, "Dragon '95 Hacken's Contact of Hear Concert", total of 10 days.

His momentum continues to decline after the concert, together with contractual disputes between the record company, Hacken's singing career was started to fell in the trough.

In 1996, Lee was signed on to another company where he issued the album "When I Found You" (當找到你), with the sales and popularity seemed to be improved slightly.

After the contract was expired with the record company, Lee had quite a long period cannot found a suitable recording company, he fought in TV media from singing career, filming drama and host the TV programs, such as Jade Solid Gold, to maintain the popularity.

In late 1999, Lee had under no music contract for more than 12 months, he signed to Universal Music (former Poly Gram) then, and issued his album "A Year Or So".