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However, domestic violence may diminish a mother's capacity to protect her child/ren and mothers can become so preoccupied with their own survival within the relationship that they are unaware of the effect on their child/ren.Mothers subjected to domestic violence have described a number of physical effects, including frequent accommodation moves, economic limitations, isolation from social networks and, in some cases, being physically prevented from fulfilling their parenting role by the abuser.Mothers may turn to alcohol and drugs as a form of self-medication and relief from the pain, fear, isolation and guilt that are associated with domestic violence.Alcohol and drug use can help eliminate or reduce these feelings and therefore become part of how she copes with the abuse.They tend to have low self-esteem and experience increased levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fear, aggressive and violent behaviours, including bullying, lack of conflict resolution skills, lack of empathy for others and poor peer relationships, poor school performance, anti-social behaviour, pregnancy, alcohol and substance misuse, self blame, hopelessness, shame and apathy, post traumatic stress disorder - symptoms such as hyper-vigilance, nightmares and intrusive thoughts - images of violence, insomnia, enuresis and over protectiveness of their mother and/or siblings.

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Children and young people can be subjected to domestic abuses perpetrated in order to force them into marriage or to 'punish' him/her for 'bringing dishonour on the family'.In addition, if the mother is being abused this may affect her attachment to her child, more so if the pregnancy is a result of rape by her partner.The child/ren are often reliant on their mother as the only source of good parenting, as the abusive partner will have significantly diminished ability to parent well.Whilst honour based violence can culminate in the death of the victim, this is not always the case.The child or young person may be subjected over a long period to a variety of different abusive behaviours ranging in severity.

Definition of intimidating behaviour