Define radioactive dating of fossils

Arrow points begin to occur during this time frame, and by the end of it, they have completely replaced spear and dart points.

In this time period, there was a substantial change in how people lived that involved a much greater investment in growing crops combined with year-round farmsteads.

Only a few Altithermal sites are known to be present in Kansas, a result of reduced populations and widespread erosion that destroyed many sites and buried others deeply.

Two recent studies of collections in western Kansas failed to document any point types of this time period.

The Late Woodland period is marked by a shift in ceramic manufacturing to the paddle and anvil technique that produces a denser paste usually with sparser temper and a different form of cord roughening on vessel surfaces.

As the name implies, the Early Ceramic period marks the widespread appearance of ceramic vessels across much of Kansas.It and many Logan Creek sites occur buried in The beginning of the Middle Archaic coincides roughly with the end of the Altithermal episode and with the reappearance of sites across much of Kansas.East of Kansas, people were beginning to rely heavily on plant seeds for subsistence, and this eventually resulted in domestication of many such species.A few vessels have cord marking on the interior, always applied horizontally because of the conical shape of the vessels.Not all Middle Woodland vessels in Kansas were cord marked; smooth-surfaced vessels are also present.