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It was such a relief after being on the boat for four days.”“I didn’t actually shoot this show, but I brought my camera because I had VIP tickets for the front of the house.So I knew that if I was able to get my camera in there I would be able to get a good shot of Jay from across the crowd.Security couldn’t really do anything because there were more people than there were actual seats in the theatre. All of these people were jumping on the cruise ship. Most of the people had caught on from the teaser, but when they saw it actually happen they just lost it.“I did see Riff Raff just walking around aimlessly taking to random people in the hallways.It made you think, ‘What’s the weight capacity on this ship? It was pretty cool, because as a guest, it really made you feel like you are part of the experience, having all of these artists walking around and sharing those moments with you.

He had posted something online and I asked him what it entailed.’ So they gave him the ‘Random White Dude’ T-shirt and he thought it was funny, so he wore it.On the back it says ‘Be Everywhere’ with the globe.During the Mad Decent Boat Party, they turn it into a concert hall, with a DJ booth on the stage and people sitting or standing in the theatre seats.“Anyway, this boat was violently rocking and going crazy.The curtains in the theatre were just swaying back and forth.