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Through years of raising capital and funding R&D research, the idea finally became a reality in January 2014.

GAME GOLF, from Active Mind Technology, launched into the golf business inspiring golfers and the industry’s most influential organizations to create a new growth category for golf.

The device fits on your belt very comfortably and is non obtrusive and won’t get in the way of your swing movement.

The device and tags are well-designed, unobtrusive, light-weight and user-friendly.

John knew that golfers needed more information to help them improve.

The GAME GOLF product is allowed under the Rules of Golf and is permitted in tournament play, allowing automatic shot and game tracking for comprehensive post round analytics and social extension of the game through the platform.

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You can seamlessly capture and display your golf game in a comprehensive, dynamic interface with stats, trends and information.The drag-and-drop editing feature as far as where shots land on the course on a hole-by-hole basis is brilliant and user-friendly.Equally the i OS mobile app is a nice companion and there is some excellent data visualization with the newest features – dispersion by club of greens in regulation and off the tee, as well as proximity to the hole.The bright red colors make it easy to spot who else is using GAME GOLF on the course, The software’s user interface on the desktop has been simply designed to enable users to easily find there way around the software.It’s pretty easy to find your the stats that interest you, review your rounds and figure out where you need improvement.