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She had one full-term delivery, one premature delivery which did not survive, one abortion or miscarriage, and has one living child.

G3P2002 = the woman is pregnant with her third child and has two living full-term kids G6P2124 = the woman is pregnant with her sixth pregnancy.

The doctor (not us midwives) applies a suction cup (like a plumber’s helper) to the baby’s head and gently draws it out, when the mother is too tired to push effectively any more but the baby is very low in the pelvis.

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This can be quite difficult since the fetus is still very small at this point, and may be moving around a calculate a “risk score” for Down Syndrome/associated anomalies. It cannot diagnose a problem, only point out that a problem MAY BE there.The mother must have a definitive test ( amnio or CVS) which actually examines the chromosomes of the fetus before anyone can say for sure that there is truly a problem with the baby.She had 2 abortions or miscarriages, and surviving children include 2 full-term pregnancies and one premie which survived.Since the last number indicates she has 4 living kids, then you have to figure that one of the pregnancies was a twin pregnancy and both the babies survived.