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IWW members and organizers played an active role in Northwest metal mining (in Idaho), logging, and agriculture.In 1909 the IWW Spokane free-speech fight was an early and legendary example of direct action in support of constitutional rights.The Spokane free-speech fight ended in victory, with the City revoking the ordinance.

Formed in 1905 partly in opposition to the craft unionism of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), it was a democratic union with a mix of radical anti-capitalist politics. 684 (2009), a previous determination to all governmental bodies authorizing them to withhold ten categories of information, including insurance policy numbers under section 552.136 of the Government Code, without the necessity of requesting an attorney general decision. We note that the information being released contains social security numbers. We note this office recently issued Open Records Decision No.Idaho Senator William Borah was the prosecuting attorney and Clarence Darrow led the defense.The three union leaders were acquitted, and Haywood returned to an active role with the IWW.