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Growing research evidence verifies that the orgasm gap between men and women exists—and is widest during hook ups. Consider how we complain that women “always want to cuddle afterward.” I can't speak for all women, but needing to cuddle only happened to me when he left me aroused, unfinished, and frustrated.

Of looking away from the group when people start the “tell me about your first time” discussion, hoping they won’t get to you. The one consistent view I held that entire decade was that sex mattered, that even if the whole world was telling me it was just casual fun I knew that my heart craved love and commitment first.But it felt weird and fake and, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.This sexual narrative was supposed to assert my autonomy, but I felt anything but empowered after a condom mishap.One boyfriend complained that he felt like he was in a childish relationship because he couldn’t have sex.He was the same guy who claimed he didn’t like to say “I love you” too many times because doing so might “wear it out.” I guess I should have thanked him then and there for making it abundantly obvious that physical “maturity” didn’t equal emotional maturity.