Dating reality stories

Elizabeth Kitt, a castoff from Jake Pavelka's season who later appeared on , but her girl-next-door persona won her a spot as the next Bachelorette.

She fell hard for Brooks Forester, who suddenly left the show before the finale.

And yet, the franchise has produced several ultra-gorgeous weddings and many more happily dating or engaged couples.

The official weddings are well known and often televised: Trista and Ryan Sutter, Jason and Molly Mesnick, Sean and Catherine Lowe, and so on.

Season 17, 2013When Emily Maynard sent home Texas-based insurance salesman Sean Lowe near the end of her * Bachelorette* season, she confessed that she said goodbye to "the perfect guy." ABC agreed, and made him the next Bachelor.

His season culminated with his proposal to Catherine, a graphic designer from Seattle.

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During the , who returned to the show to compete a second time.

Sparks flew between Chris and Peyton and they were engaged a year later.

Following their June 2012 wedding, the Cape Cod-based couple signed on to co-host an HGTV show called contestant cruise.

In honor of the highly-anticipated season finale of The Bachelorette featuring Jo Jo Fletcher, we're looking back at which former contestants beat the odds and found love on the ABC dating franchise.

chooses from 25 contestants, with the promise of a proposal in the finale.