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Japan’s marriage rate is still slightly higher than the rate in European countries, but its birthrate is the lowest among all the countries listed in the table.

This shows that Japan is a society where even after marriage couples are not able or do not wish to have children.

A fundamental concept is that the salvor should be encouraged by the prospect of an appropriate salvage award to intervene in any casualty situation to salve the ship, property and, in particular, to save life and prevent pollution.

The salvor’s right to a reward is based on natural equity, which allows the salvor to participate in the benefit conferred to shipowner, the ship itself and the ship’s cargo.

This is the lowest number of marriages since the end of World War II, with just 10 married individuals (5 marriages) per 1,000 people.

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A century ago, Japan’s population stood at around 55 million, but by the late 1960s it topped the 100-million mark, eventually peaking in 2008 at 128.1 million (according to statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).Since then, the population has been in steady decline.At present, the population is falling at a rate of around 300,000 per year, but the pace of the decline is expected to increase.Mr Witte was speaking at the ISU’s 63rd Annual General Meeting in Singapore on 07 September 2017.Mr Witte said: “It is no secret that the salvage industry is experiencing …