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He had the best cars money could buy, the most beautiful women at his beck and call, drugs galore, booze until the well ran dry, and much more.While still the top movie star on the planet, and with all the money and power in the world, he decided to search for more than this world could offer. Mc Queen knew he needed God, and he found his way to salvation through Billy Graham's gospel message.At the time, Steve Mc Queen was the number-one movie star in the world, and he is still used as a point of reference for masculinity and "coolness" to this day.He was (and is) the definition of an American icon. Only traces of its original highland green paint job remained as it had sat unnoticed in a backyard in Mexico for years. Mc Queen was Hollywood's "King of Cool" for a reason. This was one of the original cars used in the classic Steve Mc Queen film "Bullitt," a film that defined "cool" for a generation of Americans. This wasn't discovering the Ark of the Covenant or the Ten Commandments, but the discovery stopped me dead in my tracks for two reasons. Not the original, of course, but a very close replica. Secondly, this story was of special interest to me because I've just spent a year of my life working on a new biography and documentary of Steve Mc Queen (with Marshall Terrill).But notwithstanding all his fame and fortune, a colossal vacuum lived rent-free in Steve Mc Queen's heart, a yawning chasm, a lack of purpose rooted in the absence of functional, involved parents.He spent his whole life avoiding his mother and searching for his father — searching for someone or something to stand in for him, someone to love him.

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He also still appears in modern films like the recent remake of "The Magnificent Seven." Yet, for most boomers like me, we can't forget when we saw the original version of "The Great Escape" as Mc Queen played Virgil Hilts in a role that propelled him to super-stardom.Grassley had referred to Jesus' humble entrance into Jerusalem to make the point that ministers today don't really need Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to spread the Gospel."I preach in countries if I say 'Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life,' they'll arrest me. Unless the people of righteousness stand up and say 'we're not going to allow for this because you cannot take what is our First Amendment rights. His legacy lives on in a new generation as his image is ubiquitous in culture (especially hipster culture).On Thursday, White flatly denied that she ever had an affair."They're going to talk about you and write ... "They're going to lie on you but God's going to tell you to keep your mouth shut."There was also the so-called Grassley investigation. Charles Grassley launched a Senate probe in 2007 into six influential ministries, including White's, following complaints of opulent spending and possible abuse of nonprofit status. With little cooperation from most of the ministries, which called the investigation an attack on their religious freedom and privacy rights, Grassley's office was unable to make any conclusion about the spending of the ministries and handed out no penalties. White interpreted that to mean her ministry was cleared."The church better recognize, it should be thanking six ministries for fighting for the body of Christ for saying 'we are not going to let you dictate to us how we interpret Scripture' and you can't tell us 'because Jesus rode in on a donkey' because if you start telling us how to interpret Scripture in one way, you'll tell us how to interpret it in every way," White said in frustration.