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"There are 1.2 billion disabled people in the world," Srinivasan says."We needed to move to technology to create a bigger impact." " data-credit-provider="custom type" data-caption="Inclov's Srinivasan with Anu Multani and Imran Garana, on the day of their marriage." src=" KQ5KWF75t F1it0cgept A8NQY=/fit-in/1200x9600/" data-fragment="m!For Multani, Inclov's transparency was especially useful.Many of the users were people she had met during her tours as a rifle shooter.A talkback service reads out every feature and image on the app.

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In January, Multani, a rifle shooter and a model, unexpectedly encountered someone she liked online.They must also provide their age, hobbies and profession.Srinivasan explains that these categories were chosen after a survey of 300 people with disabilities across India.Inclov also plans to integrate video calling for sign language and voice notes in the future.Inclov is trying to create a community of users by partnering with nonprofits working in the field of disability.