Dating iowa

Want to enjoy life to its fulless which everything can be more when two are walking together. I realize this is a dating site and I would love to find a woman who could be a wife to me.

However, finding friends and/or people to talk with and share faith seems more realistic. I'm into that lifestyle of eating whole foods and working out to stay fit and in health, but I don't get carried away with it.

Soon enough it is evident that one of them is far more interested.But I get mad some times like anybody else I guess :) I like to have good communication because its the key for a good relationship, I'm not that kind of man that is joking all the time but of course I have since of I prefer to have a balance in life, not to much not to l Just a guy trying out a new experience.My faith is a very important part of my life and it shapes who I am and how I live. Therefore I am seeking a girl who values her faith as well...Someone who wants marriage and a fami I keep pretty busy with work and spending time with family and friends and church family. I am a pretty simple gal and it doesn't take much to make me happy.