Dating hypnosis skills

I am basically looking for a “Special Mommy” figure to help me with my fetish. Not the kind that just wants sex with their Mommy, a real Mommy that can diaper me whenever I wet or dirty up my diapers and then play with me with nurturing playtime.Yes I will get turned on with you talking baby talk to me and treat me like a true “Adult Baby”. , I am so glad you looked me up and I can feel you must have read my profile seeing that I deal with Mommy fantasies and Adult Babies. In fact I love the ones that just need a Mommy figure to comfort them and love them and nurture them to feel like a baby again.You would have to earn the right to cum for Me and be made to do assignments that I command you.

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I just need you to be a willing participate and be very in tuned to my voice and my instructions for your fantasy to come real for Therapist Estrella, Dear Therapist Estrella, You remind me so very much of my wife/Mistress.She also use to shave her pussy and from what i can see had a pussy very much like yours.It’s time to confess your sinful erotic thoughts on us and indulge in your sinful pleasures.Dear Therapist Judy, Ok this is what I am looking for in my phone call with you.