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The prayers and ritual of the Mass give us a choice.Will we join the soldiers at the foot of Cross, going through the motions of routine, in a spirit of indifference? John and the holy women in the sacred drama of our redemption and salvation?The Sacrifice of the Mass sacramentally “makes present” the one sacrifice of Christ.At every Mass, we enter into the sacred mysteries and we are present at the foot of the Cross.When we spend too long on autopilot people begin to notice.These are the people who are going to let you know that they are concerned, but we may have spent too much time walking the same path.

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When the integrity of prayer breaks down, friendship with God deteriorates.

Sometimes even going through the motions is something to be proud of.

You had the strength to pull yourself out of bed in the morning and go on with your day taking care of your responsibilities. Sometimes this is what we have to do, but there is no passion in this which is exactly why if we continue to push through life and never breaking out of this cycle we have become stuck in then we lose all sense of purpose.

We may have created a rut for ourselves in which we cannot see out of.

When this happens we are going to end up missing the circumspect consultation of the people who care about you most. You can't just "be happy" and no one has the right to tell you to. I am not asking you to accept the circumstances you are in, I am not asking you to give up your hope of change or betterment of your situation because I promise that will come.