Dating gifts by year

If you’re interested in travel, a trip-of-a-lifetime holiday to a gold-themed destination such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Gold Coast of Australia is the ultimate gift.

Every year of marriage is an achievement and should be celebrated!

Great item that works exactly as it should, cooling my whiskey/bourbon without diluting it. Overly chilling your drink masks all the wonderful quirks that make trying different whiskeys/bourbons an adventure! My 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in a few months and my DH is so difficult to buy for.

It’s also possible to find beautiful jewellery made from tin and you can have it engraved for that personal touch.

It also serves as a reminder that marrying your partner was the best decision you ever made.

A great way to reveal your romantic side is to give a traditional gift based on the ‘element’ assigned to each anniversary year.

If tin doesn’t appeal, the modern-day gift to give after 10 years is a piece of diamond jewellery, while the traditional gemstone for a decade of wedlock is black onyx.

Reaching quarter of a century of marriage deserves a precious metal in its honour, and silver lends itself well to gift ideas.