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You could also miss out on that important date or job opportunity... if you want to have a successful business or career...

only because your body language is unconsciously sending negative signals. if you want to be successful in dating, your social life or relationships...

And this is used as a yardstick for all future communication by those whom you meet.

These body language photos will show you some of the basic and advanced techniques used to interpret nonverbal communication. "But her arms are crossed, that's defensive," some might say. Head tilt to her left, hard time not grinning too big, while looking right at you. Flirting and sexual body language is something you can quickly spot in a woman's nonverbal communication in both business and personal contexts.

Revealing the liar is easily identified in both business and personal context when you know how to properly interpret the signs. Whether you want to learn the real nonverbal secrets of love, dating or closing the deal, welcome!

The analysis I'm going to give you as part of this preview includes both "liking" and deception judgments.

You might even understand other people's thoughts or feelings better than they do!

It is fairly complex to analyze human behavior in snapshots in time. By looking at him, that smirk should mean he's being perceived poorly and he's fighting for his life.

But no, check out the over the shoulder look of the first girl. I made judgments on the relationships of the couples based solely upon these photographs and the context in which they were taken.

In this webpage, you'll discover some useful facts and techniques about reading body language that you can start applying immediately to your own situations.

I'll also share with you - for free - my analysis of famous politicians and celebrities, using photographs the media has asked me to analyze.