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Staring deep into her lacustrine hues, I find myself drowning in her eyes.Feelings of bliss blooms with me encasing her in my arms, i smile to myself;giving her a peck on those luscious lips.(By the time we hit the ocean)Reaching around his back, he pulls out a dagger.Mind running a hundred miles a second Silent screams trapped within my throat The Fallen Angel's grip at my neck(We'll jump little girl)Tip of the dagger pressed at my heart Bakura leans down licking the tears that run down my cheek'Delicious. The mornings early rays shines through the thin curtainswarming the faces of the sleeping teens.beeep beeeep beeep Scrambling hands scuffles around searching for the intrusive device.I pull away and see her eyes closed gingerly, her face enlighten with a look of elation. As I’m kneeling in pain, crutching my jewels, staring after my best friend I just confessed to run away through tear streaked eyes, I was starting to wish my life was like one of those cliché romance movie (minus, the love rivals of c My Universe (Sugawara Koushi x Reader)Proposal Series Sugawara Koushi Twilight. Not because she wasn't getting burnt to a crisp from the blaring summer heat but because it signaled the end of her shift. With her working morning shifts and Koushi working in the afternoon till late into the night, the couple barely has had any 'alone' time together and when they do, they'd be too tired to do anything.That face, her heart and her entire (Even though I’m already too old for dreaming I’m helplessly falling for the person in my dream Like a fool.) Gasping, my hand reaches out to some unknown entity. Being together for a many years Name would have thought they'd tire of each others presence; it hasn't, if anything, their bond has grown stronger.In the 7 months we been together, I don't seem to remember when Bakura started using handcuffs on me.It was a little unsettling at first but, I can't help but get excited.(we're really into something special little girl)My friend Kai-kun disappeared.

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noun [Kyoo-pid-i-tee]-Eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something; greed; avarice.

Your fear taste so tantalizing'Bakura's face hover over mine, licking my lips and capturing my bottom lip between canine teeth Biting down, I whimper;sensually tongue lapping up the blood dripping down my chin.'Such a good pet but unfortunately, I'm in need of souls.'The dagger pushes deeper into me Vociferous- Another Day (Sugawara Koushi x Reader)Lacustrine: adjective [luh-kuhs-trin]- Of or relating to a lake. Finally finding it, the young lovers stretch awake; yawning out enervated greetings.

It has been over a year since they started dating but every day still feels like the first day.

When he told me he was some class bully, the air around us felt cold.

I guess the staff turned down the a/c.( What scarecrows think, would turn your eyeballs pink)Strained voices and moans reverberated around the dark room. Wincing slightly, I tug at the leather bindings at my wrist.