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She said that even if she didn’t necessarily agree with the man’s choice of marrying a doll, he still deserved to be respected as a matter of personal freedom.

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Local antique shops generally have pieces in stock, but if you want to go beyond your neighborhood, try the following: Collectors often learn this the hard way: it can be more difficult to sell than to buy.The Noritake Collectors Guild has one of the most extensive listings of backstamps online, including many of the modern marks.Spend some time there and become familiar with how the stamps changed through the decades, which will help you when you purchase Noritake pieces.Noritake china is often referred to as antique, vintage, or collectible, but this terminology can be confusing to a new collector. "Collectible" can be used to mean pieces under 100 years old, and much of Noritake falls under that definition.And finally, since Noritake still produces dinnerware and other items, the products can also be considered new, contemporary, or vintage and retro (roughly 25 years for vintage and under up to 50 years for retro): just remember that these are informal terms with no official definition, and different dealers may use the terms interchangeably.