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Gypsies are originally from India and maybe there is somewhere in the bloodline. I like this dark exotic look that Tamil girls have.

Eighty-eight percent of the women in Tamil are Hindu, however if you are looking for a Christian Tamil girl you need to look in the district of Kanyakumari.

Like other areas of southern India like Kerala, the sun is direct and the climate is a truly a tropical climate.

The women in Tamil Nadu have a darker complexion because of the sun, than the ladies of Northern India.

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However, if you know something about their culture you will have a greater chance finding love or even matrimony.

However, things are changing and there are many places to meet someone if you are not an insider. If you got to Chennai you will find real life match makers.

Do not assume all the desirable singles are online. As a tourist before I meet my wife and got married I checked out a few places on trips to various countries, more for fun.

However, I think at this point instead going on and on, I want to invite your opinion and more information.

Any comments are really appreciated if you can intelligently add more about Tamil Nadu or the girls from this part of India.