Dating a british guy vs american

The tragic ineptitude of the English male by Leah Mc Laren English men are widely reputed to be the worst lovers on the planet.

For centuries, discerning women from Barcelona to Bangor have complained of their freckled skin, sloped shoulders, fussy tummies and off-putting predilection for 'naughty' banalities in the bedroom.

What would Shakespeare or Marvell have written about without the conventions of lovemaking?

At what point along the way did English men give up wooing women, and why?

But laddism was not a rebellion so much as a defence mechanism - a mask of arrogant offhandedness that conveniently hid the glaring sexual insecurity of most English males.

I have come up with the following: a) Many went to boarding school at an early age, thus forfeiting essential affection from their mothers, leaving them all but incapable of intimacy with women. The most common English male dating crime by far is the Non-date Date.

b) Many drink too much, leaving them all but incapable of intimacy with women. This is a strange ritual wherein the English male asks a woman out on a date without indicating that he has any romantic inclinations towards her.

There has been much debate in the UK press recently about the concept of what North Americans call 'dating'.

Gwyneth Paltrow rallied to the defence of a Canadian girl who wrote an article for a UK magazine.