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Within 15 to 20 years the Russians lived through these drastic changes; some peoples’ spirits were crushed and others came out even stronger.The Russian population was split in two: on one side those who lived under communism and who were accustomed to this system, and on the other those side, those who, younger, hardly lived under this regime and are "children of perestroika."Grandparents of these women experienced the Second World War and its share of atrocities. I remember my grandfather, Nikolai, telling me about terrible military actions, especially during the two years the Germans blockaded Leningrad. Numerous women lost their husbands during the war and raised their children alone, who grew up never knowing their own father.

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Mothers could not stay at home to care for children and had to work to earn money to survive.International dating has become an industry generating hundreds of millions of euros in profits each year worldwide.More anxious to paint an enticing pretty picture than to reveal the true personality of Russian women, agencies and dating services primarily seek to "reassure" their male customers and tell them what they want to be told. Russian women are now attracting the men of the world like "magnets", international dating agencies are booming, benefiting from a lack of regulation in this area.The image of Russian women in the media from the time of the Cold War to the 1970s was unflattering: not feminine enough, not very beautiful, overweight, difficult, sad etc .. in contrast with the image of the American woman: sexy, slim, beautiful, friendly, maternal.These portrayals were primarily a matter of political propaganda and in no way reflected any reality.