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Former Baylor president Ken Starr made himself "former Baylor chancellor Ken Starr" as well on Wednesday, resigning one of his two other posts and explaining it to ESPN's Joe Schad "as a matter of conscience." Starr, heavily implicated as a primary reason for Baylor's institutional failures in responding to sexual violence and other violence against women in both the findings from a report prepared by law firm Pepper Hamilton released last week and in media reports dating back months, also said he "willingly accepted responsibility" for the school's inadequate response to several allegations of rape in recent years, and that "the captain goes down with the ship." That would probably have been all well and good, and earned some valid criticism about how Starr resigning now as a "matter of conscience" is cold comfort to victims who could have used a school president compelled to do more in response to reports of rape, some of which Starr was allegedly personally informed about.

Had Starr managed to stick to simple contrition, he and Baylor might have been able to chalk this up as a victory, in the limited sense that any public relations ploy could be. Starr said that he wasn't aware of any on-campus rapes, basing that lack of knowledge in part on being behind a "veil of ignorance," and implied that part of the reasoning for that was that Baylor is a "dry" campus on which alcohol is prohibited.

Indeed, for me, this is the culmination of eight years of blogging in support of gays in hip-hop—eight years of traveling that lonely road of free-thought with few cosigners. I remember when a “pearl necklace” meant shooting a load all over a chick’s face & neck!

What is Chase God subliminally saying to the world by wearing a pearl necklace?

Combining flavors and techniques to produce something entirely new and creative. Because they are serving 600 people a night, 6 or 7 nights a week.

These people make up the greatest chefs in history. ) And almost always, the guests sit together, family-style, though they don’t know each other. Strangely enough, I’ve been hosting underground restaurants for almost a decade and never even realized it. At FRANK, because we serve 18 people, 2 or 3 times a month, we can source the finest local meats and veggies, like pastured rooster from Farmer William at Grandma’s Farm in Mc Kinney, free range eggs from Shepherd/Farmer Cindy at Jacob’s Reward in Parker, or raw milk from Farmer Todd at Lucky Layla in Plano.

If this relationship is really on the up-n-up, we should officially consign ourselves to the fact that hip-hop/rap is (openly) gay! ) Some have said there has been a lot of gayness and suspect activity in the Cash Money/Rich Gang family, dating back to the infamous Baby/Lil Wayne lip-smacking kiss—to Baby’s newest protégé Young thug, the The Freudian in me sees the double entendre in his choice of bling-bling.“Just who is this FRANK character and why does Ben Starr spend so much time with him? No whimsically bizarre things that people would NEVER imagine themselves eating anywhere else. The kind of food that people cook for each other when it comes time to celebrate. But we’ve got HUNDREDS of RSVP emails…some of which say, “We can come ANY of the 3 nights, but if it’s Friday, it will be 3 of us. If it’s Valentine’s Day, it will be 4 of us.” For any given FRANK, we have 200-300 seating requests for only 18 seats.” That’s a rough translation of an email I got from a delightful Italian fan last week. And since we’re so passionate about a hand-crafted experience, even the lottery is hand crafted.They are the people who look at ingredients and see art. And those people, like most artists, care very little what the public at large thinks of their work. We are drawn to the kitchen because of the human aspect. And instead of the chefs being stuck in the back, they are out there, mingling with guests, talking about the food, telling stories… They often took place in my front yard: So it didn’t even require a second of thought to decide that Jennie and I, after joining forces, could create one of the coolest Underground Restaurants in existence. By Thursday morning, everything is sourced, and the menu is finalized: This is not a typical FRANK menu.They know, in their educated and inspired hearts and minds, that their work approaches perfection. Jennie and I are passionate about cooking for a different reason…because of what cooking means to people. Because of what happens to people when they gather around a table, whether they are life-long friends, or complete strangers. ” And, as always between me and Jennie, she didn’t even need to respond. “I have been thinking about this one idea, though, for years and years and years,” she said. Normally, you would recognize way more items on the menu.