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Sex therapist Vanessa Marin says that when you notice yourself retreating into personal affairs instead of making an effort to share experiences with your husband, you're ignoring bigger issues.You may not even realize you're doing it, so consider this situation: Your day started with a manic drive to your kid's school, where for the 100th time, you forgot to send in the form that's due.Either way, "a therapist can take the couple through the conflict in slow motion and not allow them to sweep issues under the rug," says Walfish."Hashing through the details, however long that takes, is the only way to put the problem behind you."When those steamy sex scenes between Fitz and Olivia pop up, admit it: You're turned on. When the two of you have a difficult time connecting in a way that was once an easy and essential part of your relationship, there are other underlying issues happening.Straight from the horse's, er, therapists' mouth, here are all the signs that it's time to sign-up for a session — .

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Even worse, it was your husband's turn to pick up the kids, but he's stuck in a meeting so you have to leave early to get them.), and he'll swap in time to watch a few of your favorite shows.If you married this man, that means you were madly in love at some point, right?Whatever it is, a therapist can help you figure out how to get that va-va-voom back into your love life."Some people have a hard time talking about sex and may need the help to bring up topics like erectile dysfunction or negative body image," says Megan Bearce, relationship expert and author of .