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One half of me was going, it’s theatre, you can do whatever you want.

But then the more practical part of my head was like, well, you didn’t tell ’em you were doing a play about Pluto…” As a teenager growing up in the rural village of Great Broughton near Middlesbrough, Mc Dowall dreamt of being a filmmaker, but he couldn’t afford a camera, so started writing drama instead.

He found a friend in producer David Kirschner, who had recently produced.

Holland would also work on rewriting Mancini’s script along with John Lafia.

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College students don’t usually have screenplays blossom into ever-lasting film franchises, but Mancini was lucky enough to find a killer collective of filmmakers.Time can stretch in strange ways on a planet where the natural rhythms of day and night are so different to Earth’s.As they face the fact that they’re all stuck in one room with their work colleagues indefinitely, things get… “It’s really about people being trapped: what does that amount of time in that enclosed a space do to you? “What do you do with your life, once you’ve realised, ‘I’ve only got this amount of time, I’ve got X’ – and you have to spend it in a box with people you’ve work with every day and you don’t like that much and it’s a ballache? X might be set on Pluto, but Mc Dowall insists it’s not really science fiction."My favourite filmmaker of recent years is Shane Carruth; he made Primer and Upstream Color, which have no interest in whether you’re ‘following’ them – what’s interesting is that they’re telling stories through different means, through an unconscious heartbeat.That’s my deal, really: trying to find new ways of wrestling with basic story mechanics.