Chris hazelton misfile now updating Adult chat chicago

There is stuff aimed at teens, and stuff for adults.

Stuff dripping testosterone, and stuff seeped in estrogen. There is fantasy, superheroes, science-fiction, romance, steampunk, erotica, mysteries, zombies, biography, every genre you can think of, and stuff that resolutely defies genre.

On the bright side it’s better than a lot of other stuff I've seen. The racing scenes take so long to develop that all sense of speed is lost.

The webcomic has way too much dialogue for its own good.

It revolves around Ash, a guy who got turned into a girl when an angel ‘misfiled’ him as a girl when he got busted for smoking pot on the job.Ash, the boy who became a girl fills the tomboy role, Emily, the girl who lost 2 years of her life in the misfile fills the role of the nerd and the romantic interest, the angel is a slacker and all of the other characters have so little purpose there is no reason to mention them (but I will mention their flaws).Ash’s dad is a Gynecologist who can’t have a real relationship with any woman and “never forgets a vagina” but can’t remember their faces.Girl Genius, for example, puts out 1 page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.So as I read Girl Genius, it seems like a slowly evolving serial, of the politics and romances of mad scientists in a silly steampunkish world.