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There are also university students enjoying time abroad and artists drawn to the city’s cosmopolitan ambience.Nevertheless if you explore certain neighborhoods in New York City, you might have a decent chance of running into pretty female residents.So if you want to meet Japanese women to date, you have to know where to look.Here are some places where you can come across attractive and smart Japanese ladies who, if you are lucky, may also be single.

In New York City, many of these are located along St. In fact Japanese people are rather famous for their fascination with karaoke, and a karaoke bar is a great place to meet groups of Japanese women.Also most of them belong to a transient population.Many are business executives or other white-collar workers who have been posted here for three to five years.Apart from such watering holes, markets and grocery stores stocking traditional Japanese wares can also be effective ways of meeting Japanese women.One of the most notable of these is the Mitsuwa Marketplace at a mall in Edgewater, N. A visit to the store can feel like a trip to Japan, with aisles offering dried seafood and every variety of soy sauce while a Ramen soup restaurant, snack bars and even a travel agency are housed in the store.