Chat with marathi girls

***************** Boy to girl before exam: Hey all the best Girl: All the best to you too But girl scored 80 marks & boy failed . ***************** there are 3 types of Men: 1- Europians they have wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their girlfriend the most.

because they know that somewhere a sweet & innocent girl is learning to be responsible for them.

But If you have girlfriend You are missing everything in your LIFE ***************** A g OOd lecture should B like a Girl's mini skirt...

***************** If you have not a girlfriend you are missing something in your life.

A Man Becomes Valuable When A Girl Drops A Tear For HIM N A Girl Is Priceless When A Boy Drops A Tear For HER . 3- Pakiztanis they have 1 wife & 4 girlfriend But they love their Secretary the most.. Funny Girlfriend: It's sufficient for me, But how will you survive? After marriage boy left her with in week Grl: why you did? ***************** 1st boy: you have got 15 girl friends, how do you recognize them? Boy: Touch your Head, You will feel the rhythm of empty pot. After break up: Boy To Girl: Kahan Chal Di Kaha Chal Di Pyar Ki Pungi Baja K?

***************** In School Boys Shy To Sit With A Girl . 2- Americans they have 1 wife & 1 girlfriend But theylove their wife the most. ***************** Boyfriend, Do u think my salary is sufficient for you? ***************** Girl: Touch your Heart, You will feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Boy: Ha Ha Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha ***************** Break up song.

***************** Ek ladki class me gana ga rahi thi "O zara-zara touch me, touch me, touch ME..." Tabhi ek ladka utha OR ladki ko chhu liya aur bola himmat hai to aage Gaa.. Love i Z when i walk to other SIDE of classroom to sharp my pencil, Just to See her..

when you have first time conversation with a one thing you have to do "keep her attention".Boys Apny Socks Soonghty Huwe: Ziyada Badbu Nahi Hai, Abhi 2,3 Din Aur Chal Jaengi.. Bhaiya but theres only one reason, why a boy calls a girl Didi.. 2- Americans They have 1 wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their wife the most. ***************** If any beautiful girl calls you DOG, then you don't be upset because full form of DOG is..? ***************** A nice pick-up line: Boy: Hey girl! ***************** There are 3 types of Men: 1- Europeans They have wife & 1 girlfriend But they love their girlfriend the most. Father: sent them all to her father ***************** Boy: Suit acha pehna he Girl: Thnx Boy:lipstik boht achi lagai he Girl: Thnx Boy: make up bhi boht acha kiya he Girl: Thnxbhaiya" Boy: phir b achi nahi lag rahi.