Chat tube

It’s been eight days since You Tube launched Super Chat, a new revenue source for creators built around live streams.

Since then, a select few creators have used the new feature to solicit donations from their fans.

If You Tube comments stink, and they do, then You Tube live stream chats are positively radioactive in their toxicity.

You can pick the most innocent of topics, like say kittens napping in a wicker basket on a sunny day, and it won’t take you long to find a prodigiously persistent troll spamming the chat with Nazi insignia, racist abuse, or anything else designed to shock and offend the greatest number of people.

(Google has some spam blocking mechanisms, but no amount of word filtering will completely circumvent things like, say, an ASCII representation of a middle finger).

The practical implications of putting the Super Chat monetary mechanics in place are that the relatively better off will be able to dictate what the relatively worse off will do for them.

As with most popularity contests, what’s likely to happen with paid chats of this kind is a race to the bottom among creators looking to do more extreme and shocking things to earn a higher Super Chat income. 0 and I’ll do dessert as well." "Hey, I’ll drink stale milk for ." "What about me?

You Tube creators also deserve to be paid for their effort, absolutely. It’s as ill-conceived as 2016’s abortive Google Spaces, but I see it as more pernicious because there’s a danger of people actually using Super Chats.

Super Chat is a new way for fans and creators to interact during live streams.