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And it doesn't hurt that she often has a European approach to clothing, too…Sexiest Role: Malèna Scordia finds herself the focus of attention for a whole village in 2000's In recent years, Kendrick has been embraced as the epitome of sweet-natured sass, with her adorable brunette locks and pixie face.She has a smile that can light up a building, let alone a room, and passion that cuts through her apparent iciness.She plays conflicted well, but when she's allowed to be funny, it just adds to her charm.Sexiest Role: Robert Rodriguez proved she could combine strength with sexiness as Some models make the jump to acting and end up simply playing the girlfriend in many movies.Milla Jovovich decided to do something very different – and succeeded.

Sexiest Role: One of her dramatic roles, as ex-stripper Luvlee Lemons in "Nice" isn't always commensurate with "sexy", but Rachel Mc Adams manages to be both in almost everything. Oddly, she first grabbed attention by being anything but thoughtful in Mean Girls, and does play well against the nice girl type (as anyone who has seen Passion can attest).Sexiest Role: Her ethereal, glowing Galadriel in Peter Jackson's Her candle may have burned out quickly, but it certainly burned brightly.Norma Jean Baker's life was tinged with tragedy, but she lives on as an icon of fashion, beauty and, in the right role, raw sex appeal.Sexiest Role: Boasting a combination of classically stunning looks and the sort of laser concentration that you can't help but be attracted to, she's conquered roles both in Europe and across the pond.Whether she's gracing blockbusters or small Euro-indies, she seems equally at home.