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Child protection workers in Cambodia say a Montreal man locked himself in his hotel room and tried to commit suicide by slicing open his belly and slashing his wrists when police moved in to arrest him on child-sex allegations.

The dramatic confrontation came after child protection workers interviewed six boys, the youngest age 10, about suspected sexual abuse in Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat, the world heritage site of the world’s largest religious monument.

The new legislation would require convicted offenders to inform authorities of foreign travel plans so authorities at their destination can be alerted.

The legitimacy of orphanages and children's charities in developing countries are in question after an unregistered English language school in Cambodia linked to sexual abuse claims has been deceiving donors in order to raise funds.

On his next trip to Cambodia, Mc Conaghy went for a look and took a camera.

Over the next few months, he painstakingly compared the photos and Neil’s videos.

He also knew about Ratanak and asked Mc Conaghy to take a look.

He has been charged with procuring children for the purpose of prostitution and could face up to 10 years' behind bars'We are making every effort to impart educational knowledge to Cambodian kids in particular and Cambodians in general. In order to meet the world's challenges and to be good leaders of tomorrow.Later, he went along with Vancouver police to collect evidence.Similarly in 2007, RCMP showed Mc Conaghy some of the hundreds of images of child pornography from Interpol along with a worldwide warrant for a man who turned out to be Maple Ridge teacher Christopher Neil.As part of the crackdown, the Cambodian government has called on hotel employees and non-governmental agencies to report suspicious activity. English teacher tried to hide his identity in photos of child sex abuse by digitally swirling his face. He returned to Canada in 2012 after five years in a Thai prison.It was in Cambodia that Christopher Neil was accused of preying on children in the notorious “Swirl Face” case. Between 20, 73 Canadians abroad requested consular assistance after being accused of abusing or molesting children or possessing child pornography, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.“At at this point, with the information provided, we are not aware of this case,” said Jean-Bruno Villeneuve, spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs.“Consular officials in Bangkok with the assistance of the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh stand ready to provide consular assistance as required to Canadians.”In September, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced plans to target travelling Canadian sex predators.