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Much like the Children’s Pen Pal project, we will exchange letters once every month and have a Skype session at least once a year, when capable.

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Four days later, Whale announced on his show his intention to stand as UKIP's candidate in the 2008 London Mayoral Election.Our main goal with this project is to present a mentor-like figure in their life to support them as they progress through their studies.Launching in January 2017, we are excited to see this project grow and reach the standards of our Children’s and Women’s Pen Pal projects.Farage had unsuccessfully contested UK parliamentary elections for UKIP five times, both before and after his election as an MEP in 1999.Under the 2002 European Union decision to forbid MEPs from holding a dual mandate, if he was ever elected to the House of Commons, he would have to resign his seat as an MEP.